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Operating Systems: Principles and Practice (Second Edition)
ISBN 978-0-9856735-2-9

Operating Sytems: Principles and Practice is a textbook for a first course in undergraduate operating systems. In use at dozens of top tier universities, and written by two leading operating systems researchers with decades of experience successfully teaching complex topics to thousands of students, this textbook provides:

  • A path for students to understand high level concepts all the way down to working code.
  • Extensive worked examples integrated throughout the text provide students concrete guidance for completing homework assignments.
  • A focus on up-to-date industry technologies and practice

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Part 1: Kernels and Processes

We describe the essential steps needed to isolate programs to prevent buggy applications and computer viruses from crashing or taking control of your system.

Part 2: Concurrency

We provide a concrete methodology for writing correct concurrent programs that is in widespread use in industry, and we explain the mechanisms for context switching and synchronization from fundamental concepts down to assembly code.

Part 3: Memory Management

We explain both the theory and mechanisms behind 64-bit address space translation, demand paging, and virtual machines.

Part 4: Persistent Storage

We explain the technologies underlying modern extent-based, journaling, and versioning file systems.

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Tom Anderson is an award winning teacher at the University of Washington. He is also a leading researcher in operating systems, networks, and networked systems. He is an ACM Fellow, winner of the ACM SIGOPS Mark Weiser Award, winner of the IEEE Bennett Prize, past program chair of SIGCOMM and SOSP, and he has co-authored eighteen award papers.

Mike Dahlin is an award winning teacher at the University of Texas at Austin. He is also a leading researcher in operating systems, distributed systems, and networked systems. He is a Fellow of both the ACM and IEEE, a former Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellow, past program chair of NSDI, the program chair for SOSP 2013, and he has co-authored ten award papers.

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